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I like summer, because can and family travel together, I will be very happy.

I and the family go to tour together 我和家人一起去旅游

你好!I'm interested in travelling,would like to take the family members to travel in the future.打字不易,采纳哦!

你好!I like summer holidays, as i can go travelling with my friends!如有疑问,请追问.

暑假我喜欢和家人去珠海旅游观光.翻译为英文:I like to make a tour to Zhuhai together with my family this summer vocation.

你好!I feel very happy for this trip because I went with my family仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

I had a good time this summer because my parents took me to Beijing for holiday.

Summer vacation, my parents and I go on vacation together

回答和翻译如下:在暑假我过得很开心.我与家人一起去游泳.与家人一起去餐厅吃饭.与他们一起聊天.I had a good time during the summer vacation. I went swimming with my family. Go to a restaurant with your family. Chat with them.

Hi, have you been doing? The summer vacation is coming soon, I want to travel with the family, relax mood. Then I will arrange time science learning, a good review homework. Learning tired I will go to the physical exercise.

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