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Japan is a very beautiful and modern country. It

Japan is an island country located on the Pacific

The climate of Japan is predominantly temperate,bu

Japan is a land of extremes, of ancient history an

Japan, is located on the eastern coast of the cont

Japan (日本 Nihon or Nippon , officially 日本国 Nippon-

中英文对照的,楼主觉得长可选一段,满意记得给个小旗哦``` Korea(韩国):

Kyoto, Tokyo, Imperial Palace and Park Sunpu Histo

是根据日文的读音,然后日本习惯以发音接近的英文字母对应拼写。 比如: 山本,在日语中读作:“

Osaka is a 1400 before people gathered here to exc

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