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江湖救急 英语作文两篇

One possible version: From the picture we can see a family of three walking on a long red carpet.The son , well dressed, waves proudly in the middle while the father behind bends forward to hold the jacket and the mother in fro...

If you want to be happy with your parents, you should think of living with them peacefully. Sometimes, there are many troubles between parents and children just because they don't know how to live peacefully. Basically, childre...

With reference to your advertisementin ~ for a / an ~,I offer myself for the post。


I have done a lot of dreams, have not remember, but there is a dream that I will forget the most, that is, "the magic box"." One afternoon, I opened the pencil box, there was a glittering box, there is a red button on the box, ...

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