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中英文对照: For all the great things you say and do… The best teacher's award goes to you. 因为您的身教言教,颁给您最佳教师奖 As another school term approaches… wish your days turn our to be as great as you make ours. 新的学期又开始了

Happy Teacher Day!

老师,您辛苦了!您让我知道“Nothing is impossible to a willing heart” !

education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire. 教育不是灌满一桶水,而是点燃一团生命的火焰. a teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.henry adams 一个教师对人的影响是永恒的.亚当斯 i am

Mentor permanent mind, you do not abandon, once a yearteacher's day and quietly, in celebrating this holiday, I wish the teachers happy holidays, happy forever.You = hard + offer + noble. Teacher, you like the gardener soassiduously cultivated,

Today is Teachers' Day. Happy Teachers' Day. Thank you for you teach me all the time.Although I am not the best student, I usually study hard. I know you teach me is very tired. Please have a good rest when it's a weekend.

Your lessons are still the one that helps me. Your words are still fresh and warm. You've swayed my life so deeply. You're still my best teacher. Far across the miles, sending you wishes of love and peace on Teacher's Day. 您的教诲我至今仍受

Happy teachers' day!(教师节快乐!) I am a green, bathed in sunshine, the wisdom of your knowledge of the soil, the days grow. The deep affection, and engraved in my mind, never forget, generation after generation. (我是一棵绿树,沐浴着

Send you our everlasting feeling of gratefulness and thankfulness on this special day. 在这特别的日子谨向您致以我们永恒的感激之情. Thanks for being such a great teacher. Happy Teacher's Day. 您真的是一个好老师,谢谢您,祝教师节愉快

教师节用英语写贺卡祝福语如下: 1、 Happy Teachers' day! 教师节快乐! 2、 Warm thoughts of love and regards to our loving teachers. 对敬爱的老师献上我们的爱与关怀. 3、 Thanks for being an inspiring teacher. 老师,谢谢您的启发.

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