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the warehouse stocked the wrong goods.

Your parcel hasn't been received by the company , also that hasn't arrived at the warehouse.

We're sure of these products are in stock. Please confirm whether it should be shipped to Shenyang.

Please confirm that the warehouse is used to store dangerous goods, according to our customer response. In addition, please confirm wether there are dangerous goods in this batch of delivered goods, and then inform us. 仅供参考...

This is the picture we take in the warehouse before we deliver the goods,no any damage on it,the net weight is 10kg,the gross weight is 10.24kg 那个不知你们发的是一件还是一堆,如果是一件那这句的it就不用改,如果是一批,那就把it...

our responsiblility is just to send the goods to the appointed warehouse; as to the tranportation and the affairs of Custom, you should take charge of them yourself.

明天我先跟仓库确认一下,有没有货 I will confirm with our warehouse first to see whether there are goods or not.

Dual-use goods warehouse Medical supplies warehouse

The containers are all full. (如果只有一箱: The container is full.) Per warehouse worker, there are 10 boxes left and cannot be loaded anymore.

我们要拜托客户让我们可以出20呎一整柜的,因为我们的仓库已满。 We want to please customers so that we can 20 feet a whole cabinet, because our warehouse is full.

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