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America is a beautiful country. There are many wonderful cities in America. New York is famous for its shopping malls. Hollywood has many movie stars. Christmas is celebrated in America on December 25th. Families get together and enjoy

We will have an acatation plan in Beijing in October It takes about four days from 1st to 5st.We will go ther by train . We are very excited for this trip . We will see the Great Wall in Beijing .It is one of the wonders in the world . It is very long ! We will

Dear Mother : I thank my mother for me, raising me, teach me, let me in the knowledge of travel into schools. Thank goodness my mother. If this world without you, then I can not see this beautiful and colorful world. I know how you feel is the time for me

I had a good summer vacation. First I went to Beijing with my parents and visited many places of interest. Second I joined a music club and practise playing guitar every day .Then I went to help the o

在二十一世纪的中国,电视机已迈入了千家万户,但是随着经济的发展,技术的提高,电脑在二十一世纪成了人们的新宠儿. 二十一世纪是一个充满着竞争的信息时代,电脑使人们的学习和信息交流变得更加得丰富多彩,使知识的获得更加便捷



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