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随着经济的发展,我们的生活水平有了很大的提高。 英语怎么翻译

With the development of economy, our life i

With the development of the society, great changes

我们要使我们的生活变得更加精彩有趣的英文:We want to make our life more

随着现代社会的发展,人工智能已经逐步进入了我们的生活。 With the development

我们的生活充满了机遇和挑战。 Our life is full of opportunities

这个变化会对我们的生活有影响吗? This change will have an impact

With the improvement of people's living standa

随着技术的成长,它会越来越多出现在我们生活中。 It will appear more and m

With the rapid development of economy and science,

In some ways , our life has become better than eve

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