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一首男生唱的英文歌,歌词我就记个大概的音 可能有...

是不是Charlie Puth的look at me now

Just One Last Dance - Sarah Connor Just one last dance oh baby just one last dance 只是最后一舞,亲爱的,只是最后的一支 We meet in the night in the Spanish café 那个夜晚 我们相遇在西班牙咖啡馆 I look in your eyes just don't know what to

如果你看到这个希望给我个赞,你要的歌名应该叫The magic key

MAMBO,歌词 mambo like a crazy巴拉巴拉的,不用谢我,我也刚想起来这个旋律然后找到了,cqy么兄弟609008376

Shit, Man! (iTunes Session) - Skylar Grey You're never ready for Something quite like this It comes to hit you when you Are least expectin' it So now what happens if I choose To have this child, have a child with you?Do you believe that we can make it

我帮你听过了是英国组合one direction 的《what makes you beautiful》,不过歌词是“you don't know you beautiful”

歌曲:i need you vs. i need y 歌手:groove cove 专辑:《7 years and 50 days》 [ti:i need you vs. i need you] [ar:groove coverage] [al:7 years and 50 days] by zapper verse 1 i know there's someting in your eyes i know there's someting in your


应该是这个[Love is a lie] simple plan i fall asleep by the telephone it's two o'clock and i'm waiting up alone tell me where have you been i found a note with another name you blow a kiss but it just don't feel the same cauz i can feel that you're gone i

westlife 西域男孩的一首老歌,叫uptown girl

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