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一首男生唱的英文歌,歌词我就记个大概的音 可能有...

《What If》 - Safetysuit

是不是Charlie Puth的look at me now


Just One Last Dance - Sarah Connor Just one last dance oh baby just one last dance 只是最后一舞,亲爱的,只是最后的一支 We meet in the night in the Spanish café 那个夜晚 我们相遇在西班牙咖啡馆 I look in your eyes just don't know ...

Sharon Van Etten - Your Love Is Killing Me 可能吧

Shit, Man! (iTunes Session) - Skylar Grey You're never ready for Something quite like this It comes to hit you when you Are least expectin' it So now what happens if I choose To have this child, have a child with you? Do you ...

歌手 - 歌曲 Jet - Come On Come On Mando Diao - Come On Come On 这两首你去听听 看看是不是

这首歌是darin 的surrender。 歌词如下: We were best friends 我们曾是最好的朋友 Even though I wanted more 尽管我想要更多 Too afraid to ask 害怕到不敢问 But I was always sure 但我的心总是坚定的 I see you now and then 我了解你的过...

Love Story 泰勒史薇芙特(Taylor Swift) 其中一句歌词:Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone.

EENIE MEEENIE Justin Bieber 的 ?

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