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part one 1.E 2.B 3.A 4.C 5.D part two C A B E D

35-37 CCD

24、B。excitement。名词。宝宝的诞生在家里引起了极大的兴奋。caused excitment。引起兴奋。 25、D。disappinting。令人失望的。今年夏天天气令人失望。雨太多了。英语里很有特色的一种动词,使某人怎么了。比如disappoint,这个词的意思是使某...

1d 2f 3a 4e 5a 6c 7d 8c 9a 10b

7 on purpose 8 total 9 because 10 in order to 11 three fifth 12 dig up 13 active on.. 14 take power 15 lose one's job 1 In my opinion, 2 too变either 3 He is too old to go to school. 4 Tom has learned 5 runing改为 running

4 where are going to fly

What have you done intensively? What have you done concentratively? What have you concentrated on doing?

盒子里有什么东西吗?Is there anything in the box? 小偷在他出来之前就跑掉了。The thief ran away before he came out。


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