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1.nearby附近, nearly 几乎。两个词意思不同 2。是定语,用追这个动作是由陌生人主动发出的V-ing做定语表示和被修饰词之间的关系为主动关系 the teacher teaching us english叫我们英语的老师 3the other 表示两者中的另一个例句:i have to br...


is being studied is being protecting is being hunting 这个表达的不对应该是the photos are being taken,不是panda are being killed are being attacked(mice是mouse的复数)

你联系我 我给你发吧 是英音版的

Having their own ideas and knowing well about themselves. With enthusiasm and clear target With good mental quality, facing difficulties actively and challenges With courage and confidence to undertake the risks With profession...

Yesterday I seriously think about promise you things, because the present situation is not so convenient to complete, so it may disappoint you. But thank you very much for your trust and support. This is a small gift for my own...

你看看这个帖子里的英语是否适合你的需要 销售英语:行销绝招100 【1】 如果觉得可以的话,可以打开下面的网址,查找“行销绝招”就可以找到其他的了

forty minutes

you must be tired for the jurney.


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