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diarrhea 是比较书面的说法,是“痢疾,腹泻” 口语说法是“have got a run” 例句:oh,I've got a run ,maybe beacause of eating too much icecream.我拉肚子了,可能是吃了太多冰淇淋吧

拉肚子” 的英文:have loose bowels 一、loose 读法 英 [lu:s] 美 [lus] 作形容词的意思是:松的,宽的;模糊的;散漫的;自由的 作及物动词的意思:松开;释放;不受约束地表达;射出(子弹、箭等) 作不及物动词的意思:变得松散;发射导弹;开火 作副...

1.医学术语:diarrhea 如:He has trouble with diarrhea. 他拉肚子。 I had diarrhea. I wonder if I eat something bad yesterday. 我拉肚子,我怀疑是否昨天吃了不新鲜的东西。 2.口语 have loose bowels have the runs 如: I have loose bowel...

腹泻 [Medicine] diarrh(o)ea; enterorrhea 相关短语 口炎性腹泻 [Medicine] psilosis; sprue 慢性腹泻 [Medicine] chronic diarrhoea

diarrhea 腹泻,拉肚子当然,你也可以说 make some defecate of low concentration——制造一些低浓度的大便(自己编的)

I have loose stomach. 我拉肚子。 I have loose bowels. 我拉肚子(腹泻)。 Shortly after we crossed the Huaihe River, many of them suffered from diarrhoea. 果然一过淮河,好多人拉肚子。 I still have the runs. I do not think I shal...

汉英医学大词典 上吐下泻:vomiting and diarrhea

这样几种说法都可以: loose bowels by(或from) eating food, have(或get) (a) diarrhea by(或from) eating food,

Dear CEO, I have fever and diarrhea now, I would like to apply two days leave, which is 1st and 2nd of this month, I hereby attach with my medical leave for prove, hope you will approve my leave, I will catch up my job by this ...

Since there is no spare to prepare daily medicine, I have loose bowels

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