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有的 歌名 i love you 歌手 王若琳

I Love You 歌手:Faith Evans My heart belongs to youSo what could I doTo make you feel I'm down withYou see me hangin aroundBut you don't know how you make me feel for youpswa andEach and every day, I try to make some sense

loving you

你好!A Love Theme-------------Olivia Ong我的回答你还满意吗~~

歌名Me And You - 歌手 Lucky Twice 该歌曲暂时没有歌词! Me And YouLucky Twice You've been all around the world in search of lifeAnd I've been lying on the bed, time floating byI'm a slacker, you are always first to actBut daddy used to say that

I LOVE YOU忘了谁唱的了,不是中国滴… 是Tae in唱的

你好!是不是 loving you , loving me 从不曾忘记.. 《赤道与北极》如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

歌曲:Can't Take My Eyes Off You歌手:王若琳填词:王若琳谱曲:王若琳歌词You're just too good to be true你美好得如此的不真实I can't take my eyes off you我无法将视线从你身上移开You feel like heaven to touch你就像人们向往的天堂I wanna

是这个吗? honey-tinakarol 试听下载 推荐 vzducholodextendedversion selenagomezandthescene-loveyoulikealovesong lmfao-shotsfeat.liljon记得采纳啊

保证是这个.没错.你可以视听一下最后面的地址.The 'I Love You' Song (duet with JJ. Jones) - Miss Claudia & Pornorama I love you I love you I love you my love I love you I love you I love you my love I wish there was another way To say the thing I

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