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Psycho (Pt. 2)

Alan Walker——Faded

《What Makes You Beautiful》——One Direction


Panama - Matteo 这个

问题太模糊了, 只能推测是这些: 1. we dont talk anymore 2.closer friend 4.try 5.there for you 6.shape of you 7.dream it possible 8.seve 推荐你用网易云找下吧

是Sugar - Maroon 5 你说那句歌词就是sugar~ 歌词如下 I'm hurting baby, I'm broken down 我受伤了啦宝贝,我心碎了一地呀 I need your loving, loving 我需要你的爱,你的爱 I need it now 我现在就要你的爱 When I'm without you 当我失去了...

我听到的有 dream is possible we don‘t talk anymore need you now

歌曲名:Ready For The Good Life 歌手:Marcia Griffiths 专辑:Certified When love calls your name And whispers you're the one When all you've ever dreamed Dances like stars around your heart And finally I hold the chance To give yo...


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