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写好提示性作文应注意的事项: 1、仔细审题,明确要求.对所给信息反复阅读,弄清这个题目要表达什么,然后对所给信息进行整理、组织,按照自己的写作思路使之条理化. 2、确保语言精炼.在写作过程中,考生应时刻提醒自己按照已给

Mom, Dad, I've decided to go to university. I realized that higher education could benefit me in a number of ways. University will let me experience a rich cultural and social scene, meet different people and study something I am really interested in. To

The first week of my senior high school has been a mixed experience for me.I left my old friends and gained new ones.My new teachers were especially impressive,each of them has a different teaching strategy to engage the students in learning.


As we know, students should learn how to get on well with others. But how? First of all, we should respect others. Everybody has their own way to do things, so we should underst

版本1:My hometown enjoys a temperate climate with distinctive seasons with plenty of rainfall and sunshine.I like springtime best of all. The air is warm and fresh. Rains quicken the earth. The trees come into leaf and flowers always bloom. I ofter go

Welcome to my hometown! Fujian is my hometown. It is a modern and busy province. It has a long history. There are many big supermarkets, beautiful gardens and good factories here. It is very easy to go shopping. You can see green hills, big trees

In school parts of our city,there are more and more children out of school because of the illness leukemia.Their families don't have enough money to cure them.They have the rights to own health and go to school.We should do something we


1,、简是个读得很慢的读者 要加快阅读速度 后面填方式:by reading more books 通过读更多的书2、李明想要提高听的能力 要练习听力 :by listening tapes 通过听磁带3、美萍好多英语单词都不知道 要多学习单词:by watching English movies 通过看英文电影呵呵

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