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BE up to翻译

你好!be up to 由决定eg:It's up to you. 由你决定希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.


eg:It is up to you.由你决定.轮到你了.It is up to 5.(表示数量)最多5个.What are you up to?你在忙什么?你居心何在?up to now直到现在 He is not up to his work.他不能胜任他的工作

be up to 胜任, 从事于 例句 To be used up.用光,消耗完 To be up to the sample 与样品相符合,可视同 To be stirred up; rise.激起;升起 It seems to be clearing up.天似乎在转晴.To be or become rolled up.卷起,折拢

后接人的话,be up to sb. 是向某人负责的意思.

来源于be up的意思:1.在高处;在上;直立姿势: The ladder is up.梯子支立着.2.(醒来)起床: He isn't up yet.他尚未起床.3.熬夜,不睡觉: He has been up all night.他一夜未睡.I'm often up late.我常开夜车.I'm full up with work till late

你好!be up to是“取决于、由决定”的意思,例如:It's all up to you whether you go or not.(你去不去完全由你决定.)如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

“ up to ”用法小结2006-3-20 页面功能 【字体:大 中 小】【打印】【关闭】 “ up to ”的用法较多,同学们在使用这一短语时容易出错.现将“ up to ”的用法归纳如下,供同学们参考. 1. “ up to ”意为“多达”.例如: I can take up to

It is totally up to you.

回答:完整的短语应是:be up to sb to do sth.“由……决定做某事”,所以,课文原句:That's up to you to decide意为:该你来作决定.又如:It is up to you to find your own process.这由你自己来找到自己的方式.欢迎提问,乐意解答;愿你满意, 望你采纳.

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