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i love you too love me 我爱你也爱我 I love you too, but I love me more! 我也爱你,但我更爱我自己。

I love you tou mi 我爱你,我爱你 I love you tou mi 我爱你,我爱你

是不是赤道和北极啊 仅供参考 love you @love me 从不曾忘记 和你在一起的甜蜜 love you @love me 从不曾怀疑 你是我永远的唯一 可是忽然仿佛丢了你 my love 我冷的无法呼吸 可是忽然仿佛回不去 像是只迷路在北极的鱼 i miss you now where are ...

如果你没有漏掉单词的话 应该理解为: love you but i ,don't you love me 但是我爱你,你呢,爱我吗?


So:Lo - kate havnevik I know it's late but I wanted to call No, everything is fine There's nothing wrong Just needed to talk I hoped you would answer this time 'Cos I'm so:lo Everyone's speeding But I'm still going slow And I'm...


应该是Ellie Goulding的On My Mind~~~我也在找这首歌,今天刚好找到了,希望是这首~

And if I was wrong, I know I don't deserve this Don't stay too long, I need to hear those words you use to tell me From way back when we were just friends Before this love affair began Tell me how I love you wins Or how a broke...


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