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翻译吗? 是日本熊片

先是人-熊-猪,现在是全球变暖,戈尔这哥们净整些耸人听闻的消息.man-bear-pig人-熊-猪怪物Man Bear Pig is among usThose who are familiar with manbearpig, know how dangerous this creature is. Half man,half bear,and half pig. This

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the bear,the tall man and the short manTwo friends are walking in the forest. One is thin and tall, and very bad too. The other is fat and short, and very honest .The tall man says to the short man,“we are good friends. If any beast comes at all , I'll

“终结者1”:阿诺德施瓦辛格施瓦辛格终结者T-800型装饰101 中国饰品琳达汉密尔顿琳达汉密尔顿萨拉康纳中国迈克尔比恩迈克尔比恩饰凯尔里斯“终结者2”:阿诺德施瓦辛格施瓦辛格终结者T-800型装饰101 中国罗伯特帕

你好!ITeddy&quotPeople call the lovely bear - popular in the US and UK - that plays music and video, "我的回答你还满意吗~~

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