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knoCk sB.unConsCious是什么意思

knock sb unconscious 挖掘某人的潜意识

Knock out 与 Knock off 意思不同。 knock out:淘汰;击败;出局;使不省人事 例句与用法: 1. She's knocking herself out with all that work.她做的工作把她累得筋疲力荆 2. France knocked Belgium out (of the European Cup). 法国队将比利...

knock verb [no obj.]strike a surface noisily to attract attention, especially when waiting to be let in through a door (为引起注意,尤其是为进门而)敲,敲打 he strolled over and knocked on a door marked Enquiries. 他踱步过去,...

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