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lAy Down

lay down放下lay off 解雇;休息lay aside 搁置;储蓄;留存区别分大

lay down 放下; 使躺下 The enemy laid down their arms. 敌人放下武器投降. 建造 There are laying down gas pipes. 他们正在铺设煤气管道. 规定, 制定 He lays it down that the school should be kept clean and quiet. 他规定, 学校应当保持安静

Lay down 放下 如:Lay down your arms, or we'll fire. 放下武器!否则我们就开枪了! lay down 规定 如:You can't lay down hard and fast rules. 规则不能定得太严太死. lay down 牺牲 如:He was willing to lay down his life for his country. 他愿意为祖国牺牲他的生命. lay down 躺下 如:I lay down not so much to sleep as to think. 我躺下来与其说是要睡觉,倒不如说是要思考.这么多意思 希望帮到你 望采纳 谢谢!!

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lie的过去式是lay,过去分词是 lain

提醒:楼主第一个例子不对的,lay down是个不及物动词短语,不能前接is的!!!1,He lay down like a coward.他驯服得像一个懦夫.2, I'll lay down $10 on that horse.我要在那匹马上下10美元的赌注.3,They lay down under a canopy of stars.他们躺在繁星点点的天幕下.

Lay You Down - K-Ci & JoJoI want to lay you downAnd make loveYou don't have to say a wordJust get pick upGirl it don't matter where youCause tonight you're all mineAnd it's bout time I lay you downThat dress is perfect the way I like itThe body is

lie 一般过去时 过去完成时 现在进行时(1)撒谎 lied lied lying(2)躺 lay lain lyinglay (母鸡)下蛋;放置 laid laid通常是lie作为躺的意思时和lay容易混,再一个就是lie本身两个意思容易混呐.希望能对你有帮助:)以上.

lay down:躺下;不反抗;屈服;顺从;放下;制定;规定lay across:横放,坐落

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