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prop[prɑp; prɒp]可数名词1 支柱,支撑用的棍子2 支持者,拥护者,后盾the main ~ of a state国家的栋梁及物动词(propped; a. 支撑篆~ (up) a roof支撑住屋顶b. 支撑…[with, by]~ (up) a tree with a pole用竿子支撑住树木c. [用…...

Prop up a stretch of sky 撑起一片天空 例如:He props up a stretch of sky in company. 他撑起了公司的一片天空。 希望能够帮助到您


及物动词 prop (propped; 1 a. 支撑篆 ~ (up) a roof 支撑住屋顶 b. 支撑…[with, by] ~ (up) a tree with a pole 用竿子支撑住树木 c. [用…]支撑…[with] I ~ped the door open with the chair. 我用椅子撑开门 2 支持,支援 3 使…倚靠...


Thank you for all you are doing hands propped up our homeAlways do all the best to meI am proud of you would do for me to worry aboutYou worry...

keteness has a problem

Prop up 是支撑的意思, 如果用手托著你的头, 这动作就叫 prop your head up. 蛮实用的. 还有有的时候我们用东西把门撑住, 让它不会自动关起来, 这个就叫 ...

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