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1、参数parentNodeId,sonNodeName; 2、dao创建子节点,返回子节点sonNodeId; 3、存父子关系(1:N),, sonNodeId); 4、dao保存页面中的元素,返回idList; 5、存子节点对应页面中的元素(1:N),for循环idList,anoth...

由于数据结构特殊性,NameValueCollection 只提供Key的遍历,不提供Value的遍历。必须先知道Key,然后再通过Key取Values。 以下是MSDN的示例。 using System; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Specialized; public class Sa...

$redis = new Redis(); $redis->setOption(Redis::OPT_SCAN, Redis::SCAN_RETRY); $match = 'foo:*'; $count = 10000; while ($keys = $redis->scan($it, $match, $count)) { $redis->del($keys); }

Available since 2.8.0. Time complexity: O(1) for every call. O(N) for a complete iteration, including enough command calls for the cursor to return back to 0. N is the number of elements inside the collection.. 应该要2.8.0版本...

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