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take breaks: 定义(v.) rest; pause休息(时间可以较长) take a break [英][teik ə breik][美][tek e brek] 休息一会;

区别是have a rest 指长时间的休息,而take breaks表示短暂的休息。 例句: have a rest 1、Once this is all over and done with you can have a rest. 大功告成后你就可以休息了。 2、You've been swimming a long time now. Come out and hav...

take a break 也可。 词典解释: ④(pause)(in TV, radio programme)间隙 (in game, match, performance)休息 a break for advertisements or commercials插播广告的间歇 to take a break休息一下[插播广告时的用语] ⑤(rest)休息a break from [...

当然有的。 1. We 've been busy for hours. we 'd better take a break . 咱们忙了半天,也该喘喘气了。 2. Uh , could we take a break ? i - i - i forgot my line here 呃~能不能歇一下我忘词了

没有太大区别 都是休息的意思 非要说区别的话 那have a break强调状态 take a break强调动作

take breaks 休息 双语对照 例句: 1. Take breaks pretty much every hour. 几乎每小时休息一次。 . 很高兴为你解答! 如有不懂,请追问。 谢谢!


Let's take some breaks and then go on working. 让我们休息一会然后继续工作。 His left leg hurts .他左腿疼。

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