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tirED out和worn out的区别

worn out tired out和worn out2个都有 精疲力尽的意思 (由于过度使用某物(比如体力)或者巨大压力而导致的) Recently been very tired/worn out, this is not what i want to live. 最近很累了,这不是我想要的生活

疲惫 tired exhausted worn out wary 她疲惫不堪的坐下 Exhausted, she sat down 最近我真的很忙,整的我整个人都是疲惫不堪的。 I have been really busy lately. I feel wary and worn out. 他的身体可真棒,从昨天早上就一真在工作,到了现在...

Darling,dont be worn out,or i’ll be worried ...英文翻译是:Dear, you don't too tired, I will...2015-12-04 如果和我在一起你感觉累了,那就把我...

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