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My capital city is Jinan(济南).

What's in your city? 你的城市里有什么? We have great food, nice beaches and lots of parks! 有美食,沙滩和很多公园!


Is the air in your city dirty? 这是我的答案,您满意吗?若满意,请采纳!O(∩_∩)O谢谢!


we are going to use recycle trash bin we are going to plant trees and build parks we are going to reduce the let out of cars and factories we are going to change our economic structure step by step we are going to 想不出了

小题1:C小题2:D小题3:A小题4:D 小题1:属于细节题,由第一段的Here in London可知是from London,答案选C.小题2:属于段落大意题,根据第二段第一句就可知道答案,是讲为什么The London Underground出名?下面就讲愿意你,所以,答案选D。小题3:...

UNIT 3 Could you please clean your room?第3单元 你能打扫一下你的房间吗?Section AA部分1b Listen.Who will do these chores?Check(√)Peter's。

单数名词和不以-s结尾的复数名词在词尾加’s(以s结尾的只需加’)构成所有格,主要用于有生命的东西。1、用于表示时间的名词后tomorrow‘s weather two day's journey2、用于表名词后示国家、城市的名词后American's policy the city's population...

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