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who will go with you

都对。前者who作介词宾语,后者who 作主语。

who will you go with? 这是正确的。习惯用法。 我们专业团队,全国第一。记得采纳哦 采纳哦

你好 ho will you go with 翻译为: 您会跟谁一起去的

错误。who做主语表示单数。故改为: Who goes with you? Who will go with you?



应该是 Who else will go with us? 【注释】else 常接于疑问代词或不定代词之后]另外的, 其他的, 别的,例如: somebody else 另外一个人, 别人 Whose else ? 另外什么人的呢? What else did she say? 她还说了些什么? Little else remains to b...

1."You don't understand! I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I could've been somebody, instead of a bum, which is what I ...

可以直接回答某个人名。例如:Tom汤姆 说明: Who did you go with? 你和谁一起去的? 这是一个特殊疑问句。

Do you know who to go with us 这就话不对。 你知道谁会跟我们一起去吗?Do you know who will go with us?

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