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you'rE sortED什么意思

you're sorted 你是被分配的 双语例句 1 Does that mean you're going to have common-sense reasoning sorted out in five to10 years? 那低劣的你正在五到10年内去在外分类共识推论? sorted 英 ['sɔ:tɪd] 美 ['sɔ:rtɪd] ...

look forward to : 期待,盼望 后面接名词或者动名词。 例如: I look forward to your good news. 我等待你的好消息。 Look forward to hearing from you. 等待你的来信。/等待你的消息。

vi. 1. 诉诸,凭借,求助[(+to)] It was after the failure of this attempt that he resorted to force. 是这次尝试失败之后他才诉诸武力的。 2. 经常去[(+to)] The beggar resorted to the restaurant for some soup. 这个乞丐常去该饭店要汤喝...

D When the homeless child had no more money, he turned to stealing. resort to诉诸于, 采取 = turn to转向, 求助于, 致力于;其中的to是介词,后跟动名词的stealing作宾语


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